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All About ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor”

ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor” also known as "Azor's House" is a non-profit organisation created to save the innocent lives of animals in Romania, we strive to find all our wonderful dogs and cats forever loving homes. Back in 2020, our Non-Profit Organisation decided that by working with the public we could help lots more animals much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor”. Our shelter is located in Focsani Vrancea, the surface is 2000m2, we have 100 places for dogs with isolated cages, quarantine pens, quarantine cages, a mini veterinary office for sick dogs / cats.

Nicoleta in the shelter with the dogs cuddling.

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ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor” Logo

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Nicoleta in the shelter with the dogs cuddling.

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Animals for Adoption

At ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor”, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in finding all our lovely animals a forever home, whether in Romania, England or Germany. If you wish to adopt one or more of our loving dogs or cats please take at look at all their profiles.


The Stories of Our Adopted Animals

Have a look at all our lovely adopted dogs and cats stories. Here is where we share their story from then to now, seeing how far they have come, seeing them happy and healthy always makes us smile. 


The Evolution of ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor”

Have a look at how far we have come, on this page we show of all our new and improved areas of our shelter. Showing How donations have helped us to advance as an non-profit organisation.

Get them the help they needs

Can anyone help us?

We need to pay the 250 RON required for sterilisation of a dog in danger of giving birth to puppies on the street. This is just one dog of many we can help with your donations. 

Please help us sterilisation is the only solution to end their suffering. 

250 RON = £43.10

If you wish to donate you can do via bank transfer or Paypal. You can also donate through our donation page.

IBAN: RO21 RZBR 0000 0600 1536 1323
Paypal: i_nico@yahoo.com

For more health updates on our animals please check out our From Sickness to Health page.

Contact ASOCIAȚIA “Căsuța Lui Azor”

Strada Vrancei, 620063 Focșani, România

+40 744 518 269